Sailing Cruises

Any journey on a traditional sailing ship is an unique expercience. We offer a versitile program of sailing cruises  for you to enjoy this experience. Relaxing trips in The Netherlands, beautifull cruises on the Baltic sea and the European waters, or adventurous cruises in Scotland - we offer different sailing cruises to suit your wishes. You'll find our current program listed below. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Sail & Bike 8 - Leafde fan Fryslân
Date: 30 Juni - 7 Juli 2024 Location: IJsselmeer - Waddenzee Price: € 1.369,00

Sail & Bike 8 - Leafde fan Fryslân

Discover amazing Dutch highlights by boat and by bike. You'll discover a new historic port every day and will enjoy the surroundig landscape by bike. It doesn't get any more Dutch! Read more

Leiderschapsreis Wadden - Vliegende Hollander
Date: 9 - 13 Oktober 2024 Location: Waddenzee Price: € 2.950,00

Leiderschapsreis Wadden - Vliegende Hollander

Elk voor- en najaar is de Vliegende Hollander het decor van een individuele 5 daagse leiderschapsreis op de wadden. Deze reis is het hoogtepunt van een uitgebreider programma. Het programma van ca. vi... Read more

Brandarisrace weekendtocht 2024 - Zeven Wouden
Date: 18 - 20 Oktober 2024 Location: Harlingen Price: € 250,00

Brandarisrace 2024 - Zeven Wouden

Experience the legendary Brandarisrace - a sailing regatta from Harlingen to the Island of Terschelling for traditional sailing vessels - and be part of the crew that sails the Zeven Wouden. Your hard... Read more