Frisian Lakes


There is no better way to explore Friesland than from the water. It is for good reason that sailing in Friesland is at the top of many wish lists for short and long trips. Friesland generally consists of a stretched network of connected lakes, meaning the many cute villages and of course the 11 famous cities are all connected to each other. A sailing vacation in Friesland is mainly characterised by varied regions and pleasant sailing. Along the way, you can easily moor for a (city) walk, museum visit, game of soccer, or a fresh dive. You can spend the night at a quiet spot in nature or in a beautiful historic village or town, or one of the bustling, somewhat larger cities.

Sailing and distances

The Frisian Lakes region is a versatile and sheltered sailing area. The lakes are interconnected, meaning no two days are the same. By and between the lakes are countless villages and, of course, (part of) the 11 Frisian cities. As a result, a day of sailing is always enormously varied and going ashore for lunch, for instance, is no problem at all.

Friesland can be reached via various locks from the IJsselmeer. The locks at Lemmer and Stavoren are used most, but some ships also pass through the lock at Workum, which offers a special alternative route. From the Wadden Sea, Friesland can be reached via the locks at Harlingen and Lauwersoog - although these routes are sailed less often for this purpose, they do provide access to places like Franeker, Dokkum and Leeuwarden and offer a completely different experience for anyone who is staying on the ship a bit longer.

There are two things to take into account when planning a sailing trip through Friesland on a traditional sailing ship: firstly, the lakes and channels are on the small side for a traditional sailing trip - and, especially on the channels, there is also motorised sailing, while the lakes are mostly used for pleasant sailing. Secondly, when determining the route, it is good to know that not all ships fit under every bridge, and that detours are sometimes necessary. If you take both of these points into account when planning your sailing trip, you are bound to have a fantastic time in Friesland! Of course, we are happy to help you with your planning, and it can also be fun to not plan at all and determine the route on board with the skipper.